Saauren Mankad

Software Developer

About Me

As a current software development student with a passion for delivering high-quality solutions, I am actively seeking graduate positions where I can apply my skills and provide value to your organisation.



Movie tracking app for iOS written in Swift which allows the user to search for movies, view information about movies, track watch status of movies, view showtimes for a movie in cinemas, view directions to a cinema showing the movie, etc. Users can also see movie lists of other users who have opted to make their lists public.

Math Parser

A basic parser written in Python 3 that uses the Shunting-Yard algorithm to evaluate mathematical expressions.
Live Demo

Bookeep Capstone Project

Capstone project using Agile methodology in which a team of students and myself worked together to create a fully functioning system in CakePHP based on the client’s (Bookeep) requirements. The system allows Bookeep to record appointments for meetings with prospective and current customers, as well as allow the upload of relevant documents that customers may need to submit to Bookeep.

Bookeep Screenshot